Charter flights
‘With our comfortable and non-expensive modern jet aircrafts we offer flights to most European airports. If you are a group of people that requires a fast and direct flight, a direct charter flight might be a good option. Send us information regarding your requirement and we will try our best to meet your needs.’
AOC Services
Do you need a partner that takes responsibility for your aircrafts licensing and maintenance, and that can provide training of your pilots and crew? Our experienced and skilled team will plan and schedule statutory activities in order to keep your aircraft operational at all time.
Dangerous goods
Our employee are certified to the highest level in order to manage transport of dangerous goods for aircrafts, transport on roads, sea vessels and railway.
Do you have other requirements than those listed here?
Our combination of skilled people for managing AOCs, dangerous goods and operating our own fleet of aircrafts, gives us the ability to discuss your needs and demands, whatever they are.
Please contact us on or +47 91880442